Sunday, August 29, 2010

Suspenders v. Belt

A text conversation Jennie and I had one day...

Em - Have you ever thought about how impractical suspenders are? Why would you wear pants that were so big the only way to keep them up would be to literally suspend them from your shoulders by straps? I mean, I think they look cool and wouldn't mind if they came back in style, but you would just think people would have worn pants that fit them better or stuck with the ol' belt.

Jen - Haha. I don't know. Pants without beltloops maybe? I feel like the ol' suspenders rig up is older than the belt. Am I wrong?

Em - I always imagine Moses in a dress with a belt, not suspenders.

Jen - Oh shut up. Whatever. Here's what happened. Women said "we're in charge of making clothes, everyone wears dresses and if you need more support wear a belt." and then men said "we are in charge and we make pants!" and then second man said " what if we need extra support?" and first man furrowed his brow and them said "here attach this piece of elastic to your pants, then drape it over your shoulder and attach it to the other side of pant". And women laughed and laughed and said "belts will work for pants, but that looks funny so just leave them."
Em - Ha ha ha ha! "you're right dear, that looks MUCH better. Why don't you wear that to the fire council tonight?"

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