Friday, September 18, 2009

Check back often...

Jen Manginelli was reading my blog the other day, and told me that she loves how I ended one with "check back often"...three months ago.

Admittedly, I am not very diligent at blogging. However, on Wednesday, I didn't go to the bathroom the whole time I was at work (8-5). So, if I don't even have time to pee during the day, you know I don't have time to get online!

The reason I have time to sit and do blog right now is because our wonderful friends, Megan and Addie, are starting their SBS in Montana next week. And Phil and I were able to take a few days off work and drive out here with them! It is so relaxing to have nothing to do, and Montana is just a peaceful place anyways. Today we walked around the YWAM base, took a nap, drove into town, ate some good meals, and played cards! It's only 9:3o and I am exhausted. I am planning on going to bed as soon I finish this. For the rest of the weekend we are just going to drink lots of delicious coffee, do lots of devotions, and enjoy the AMAZING weather and views here.

Jacob is unreal right now. He had a few rough weeks; Phil and I thought he was teething, but then today he was perfect and showed no signs of teething. He laughs, smiles at everyone, and is just a happy boy. He is also getting really mobile. He can't crawl yet, but if he is on the ground, he can shimmy himself around to get almost anything he wants that is near him. He is pushing himself up really high and starting to lift his bum, so he is figuring it out. He also, just this week, started grabbing anything and everything in sight. It is sweet because now he grabs our faces and even kind of reaches for us. He leaps out of our arms to try to get to food when we are eating. He loves our food...or he thinks he does. We can't give him anything yet, but he just stares at it and reaches for it and starts making chewing motions with his mouth. It's like he learns something new every day. Oh I love him so much. I put a few more videos up on youtube (user name emanginelli11). They are super boring unless you just want to look at Jacob.

Work is pretty crazy. Four kids is a lot. One of them always needs something. By the time the afternoon rolls around and Sid and Spencer are in school, and Jaiden (and hopefully Jacob) are napping, I sometimes just have to sit on the couch and stare at the wall for about ten minutes before I get back up to do laundry and stuff. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I'm going to bed. Hey, check back often!!!

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