Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sherry Potter and the Half-Nap Prince

What a crazy and fun week this has been! On Tuesday night, we had a fantastic dinner with our favorite people - Tim and Sherry, Jen and Chris and kiddos, and Amy and Chris!! It was Sherry's birthday, and we made a campfire at Mukilteo beach and had s'mores. It was a beautiful night and I love beaches. It was one of those nights that just made me happy. I could have stayed there all night. Happy Birthday Sherry!

Phil and me at Mukilteo Beach

After the s'mores, we went to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter. I liked a lot of things about it, and didn't like a lot of things, but that is for another time. Wonderful Megan Gunnels watched Jacob overnight and we got home around 3 a.m. Three hours later I was up for work, and it was a stressful day. But the good news is that I picked up Erin that day! For those who don't know her, she is my longest friend (I would say oldest but she is 29). We had a pretty strained day with the kids, but once we got home, we went to bed at 8 that night. It was magical. Everyone should try to go to bed at 8 every once in awhile.

On Thursday we went to work and took the kids to the beach. I love the beach! I just love Washington in the summer. It was fun to show Erin around Kirkland and where I would live if we were millionaires. In general, I would not have known what to do without Erin this week. She held Jacob the whole time we were at the beach, so that we could go out on the boardwalk and I could let the kids jump in the water, and I didn't have to put Jacob on the floor in the bathroom when Sidney had to pee!

On Friday we did an event with the youth group called "The Amazing Race." Student had to go from place to place in Seattle and do little activities at each stop to get the clue to the next place. It was a really well done event - good job Phil. Erin and I had Jacob, so we couldn't be on a team driving students around but we were at some of the stops giving clues. So Erin got to see Dick's drive-thru, the Seattle beach front, China town, and Alki beach. It was kind of the best sight-seeing tour ever. And we ended up at the beach. (See above exclamation for my feelings about the beach). Jacob fussed a lot the whole day, so I went from saying "Ooooh I'm so stressed out!" to "This is so fun!" quite a few times.

Erin and Jacob at the waterfront carousel

Erin and Phil at Alki Beach

Saturday we were up early and gone all day again. We took the train down to Seattle (another first for me that I got to experience with Erin!) and went to the Seattle Sounders FC vs. Chelsea FC game! It was amazing. Jacob got to come with us and he was so good. What a lucky boy to see Chelsea FC play. He does have this nasty habit of only sleeping for 30 minutes. And then he's up for an hour, and asleep for another 30 minutes. He seems well rested, so I'm not worried, but it is hard to try to find a place he can sleep every hour and a half. Five times a day.

Family time at the Sounders game

Here are just a few more pictures and a video of Jacob. Tomorrow we go back to work, and Erin leaves on Wednesday. Sambo comes in town tomorrow too, so I will have to do some more sight seeing with him. Hopefully, though, things will slow down and I will be home more. Maybe Jacob will start taking longer naps if he isn't being driven around Seattle all day. Maybe I will not have to go to bed at 8 because I am so tired. Maybe I will blog more often than once a month...
Daddy and Jake!

Mommy and Jake!

Jacob trying to figure out how to reach for and kick at things

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  1. I sure have a cute grandson!!! He makes me smile! The picture of Jacob wearing Megan's glasses has been my computer wall paper for awhile, but now I think it is time to replace it with the picture of you smoozin' with Jacob. Enjoy your time with Sam! Tell him hello from his Idaho family. Love ya, Mom