Friday, June 26, 2009

Fail Blog - Phil's first fathers day

Let me preface this by reminding you that this is the first Father's Day that I am responsible for as a mother. I bought Phil a card three weeks early, thinking that I was really ahead of the game. Then Saturday before Father's Day, I thought about how cute it would be for Jacob to make him a homemade mug. Phil was out of town, so it was easy to sneak down to the old Color Me Mine. It was eerily quiet for a Saturday before Father's Day. Wouldn't every good mother be having her children creating thoughtful and personal items for their fathers? So we made a great mug...and found out that it would not be fired and done until Tuesday. After 6 pm. Apparently other mothers have done this before. I don't know why I didn't think about that - I took art in high school. The urgency of writing in the card was lost in the fact that his present was already going to be late. So I forgot. Eventually, on Wednesday night, I brought down a beautifully wrapped present and a hastily written note. Happy Father's Day Phil. We tried.

It's Sounders colors. Obviously.

Phil picked out this mobile many months before Jacob was born. I wasn't sure if he would like it or not, but it is by far his favorite toy. He just lights up with smiles when I turn it on. Good job dad.

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  1. What dad wouldn't want to drink his coffee out of that mug! And I loved the pics of Jacob. I can see that he is captivated by the baseball mobile. The pic of him in the colorful sweat pants and one sock is a personal favorite, but then there's the one of him enjoying his bath . . . way cute, and then there's the one of him crying . . . oh my! I couldn't bear to look! :) Can't wait to get my hands on him! Tell him we are looking forward to seeing him soon and that we love him!