Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inspired by my sister Jennie, I have decided to start a family blog. Also, having our first child may have something to do with it. There are a lot more people who care about us now that Jacob is around. Or at least they are more inclined to check the blog to see if I have new pictures of Jacob :)

Phil is officially back into the swing of things at church. He took on some extra hours doing graphics and the church website, and did a great job as always. However, I think he is really excited to hand it off and have more time at home. Which is an ironic thing to say, because he leaves this Sunday for a week-long camp in Kansas, comes home on Saturday, and leaves on Monday for a week in Portland. Oh, and then we leave for L.A. over the July 4th weekend for a leadership conference. Did I say he would have MORE time at home? Hmmm...

I also went back to work, although it was only this past Monday. It is hard. There is no other way to say it. Jacob doesn't sleep well during the day, so not only do I have him up most of the time, I have him up and crying. (He's crying, not me. Not yet.) So my stress and irritation levels have been off the charts, but I think I am doing a good job of not showing it to the kids. You can ask them though, they may say something different. I just keep telling myself it will only get easier - Jacob will get older and more routine, and the kids will eventually go back to school! But the Arnolds are being complete angels. I have no complaints there. In fact, Spencer made some "rules" yesterday for when Jacob is trying to sleep. He suggested we do, "No screaming, no yelling, no rolling cars on the floor, no stomping, and no fighting." I, in turn, suggested we never fight, but he disagreed.

Jacob is ten weeks old today. It has gone by as quickly as everyone said it would.
Top three things about Jacob right now - 1. When he smiles, it is the most amazing thing ever. - 2. When he sleeps at night, he is like a rock. He may wake up to eat, but it only takes about ten minutes and then it's back to bed. - 3. When he wakes up for the day, he stretches forever. He arches his back and reaches his little fists all the way up over his head and just S T R E T C H E S! So cute; I will get it on video one of these days.
Worst three things - 1. He does not nap. He just won't do it. The longest stretch he goes has been three hours....oh wait, that's when I sleep with him. And I don't have that luxury very often. Without me, in his crib? I'm lucky if I get 20 minutes. So then he's tired all day, and I feel like I am constantly putting him down for a nap. - 2. He has started to find his eyes to rub, but he is not good enough at it to control his hands, so we have a lot of self-inflicted punches to the face lately. - 3. He always loses just one sock. Our one sock wonder.

So check back often, hopefully I will be diligent about this. You know, because so many exciting things happen in our life. We love you! And I do know how creepy my hand looks in the above picture.

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  1. Hi Em! Just wanted you to know that I was able to get on your blogspot and will be tracking it for pictures and details of Jacob (and his cute Mom and Dad too!). I can just picture him trying to rub his eyes and those big stretches! I can't wait to be the recipient of one of his smiles. Until then, know I love you all! Mom Manginelli