Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday Jacob slept for a two hour nap! Hey, it's a big deal to me. This is from the baby who sleeps for 45 minutes at a time if I am lucky. I kept checking on him over and over again just because I could not believe my luck. It sure makes the afternoons at work go a lot smoother. Instead of having a crying baby and three kids, I just have three kids. Posh, that's EASY. But I am not sure if it was a trend or a fluke, because today I took the kids to the Children's Museum in Seattle. So Jacob fell asleep on and off in my arms/baby carrier/stroller all day. But it was a really fun day overall. I had no idea Seattle Center was so cool! So for all of you who are coming to visit me this summer, I have another "tourist spot" under my belt to show you. Anyways, I hope that his naps just get longer and longer as he gets older.

I made a bagel for dinner today and I burned it a little in the toaster. "Not to worry," I told myself. "I will just scrape off the burnt part." And as I scraped the black off, I had this overwhelming memory of doing that again and again and again during my childhood. Back me up Irvin siblings - did we burn toast and bagels all the time, or is it just me? Why didn't we simply adjust our toaster setting?

In the car I have been listening to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It's a really good way to spend all of the hours that I am in the car during the day. I'm so excited for the movie to come out, but a little scared. It's a scary book and I just don't like seeing scary things. I know, it's a kids' book. Lay off me. But one unforseen side effect of this is that I now narrate my whole day in my head in an English accent (I think it's actually Dumbledore's voice). And I start using fancy words too. I wish I actually talked like that. Last night I rocked Jacob to sleep in his room, and when he was done, this is that I thought in my head. Honest to goodness, as best as I can remember.

"She rose slowly, careful not to disrupt the deep slumber into which she had lulled her son. He twitched as she placed him in his crib, but then settled back into peaceful, rhythmic breathing. She watched him for a minute or so, in awe of how much she loved him, and how much she just wanted to pick him back up and hold him. As she left the room, crossing the small landing into her own, she realized how much she missed her husband. The bed looked cold and uninviting, but after the day she had, any place to rest her head was welcome."

Oh yeah, remember that's all in Dumbledore's voice. And I do it ALL DAY LONG. Maybe it has less to do with listening to the book and more to do with being lonely! I do miss Phil though. I hope Saturday comes soon. Here are the promised pictures of Jacob!

Jacob is loved much by his Arnold "brothers and sister"!

Such hip pants. Thank you Aunt Sarah! Oh yeah, one sock.

He loves bath time! At least he doesn't cry. I count that as love.

This picture is because some people (Aunt Shelley) do not believe that Jacob cries. He cries. Not very often, but when I withold food from him to get a picture of him crying.

Jacob wearing Megan's glasses. A glimpse into his future?

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