Monday, June 15, 2009

Sounders 1, Emily's diet plan 0

The Sounders won on Saturday! Finally. It was a great game to go see. Megan Gunnels, one of our youth, babysat Jacob and Phil and I got a real date! She did make fun of us, however, because when we got home, we watched the game replay on TV. It's a totally different angle, I told her. Plus I was in the bathroom for one of the goals. Go Sounders!! On Saturday I also ate a Swiss cake roll. Why? Because it was in the fridge and I am trying to be diligent about cleaning out the fridge before I go grocery shopping. It didn't even taste good; it tasted like fridge. I would like to thank my parents for making me so efficient.
Phil left yesterday for Kansas. I had a nice night at home working on projects. Which means I started cleaning out a bunch of cabinets, but ran out of steam and left stuff all over the ground. Then I started writing thank you notes and watching "The real housewives of New Jersey." But only for an hour! I really am not a horrible person. One of the wives has a hairless cat named Grandma Wrinkles. Laughing at that was worth watching the show. Tonight maybe I will get some things back in their places.
I think I will start a section of this blog called "The South will rise Emily" and write things I do that are randomly Southern and/or just white trash. Every once in awhile I will catch myself saying something, and it seems worth telling everyone. Last night, for example, the sheets were all tangled up and as I was trying to figure them out, I said out loud, "What in tarnation?" Then I realized what I said and looked around to make sure noone had heard. Ha ha! This is on the heels of last week when I said "Where did my razor get to?" as Phil and I were unpacking from California.
Well, I have sufficiently bored myself with the recollections of my weekend. New pictures of Jacob coming soon, so come back!

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